What extra challenges and possibilities does adaptability post for a leader?

Adaptability is a two-edged sword, as it can create both new possibilities and disruptions in an agile project.

Adaptability and flexibility mean that a project is able to keep up with changing requirements and user needs. End users do keep changing their minds from time to time, and this can have an adverse impact on the project: too many changes make the project a mess, with no clear priorities, frustration, and awful technical solutions. This, in turn, implies slower progress, messy spaghetti code, and high fluctuation. In such situations, the activity of value creation may be put in danger, and the product owner has to step in in order to establish a constructive way of change inflow.

On the other hand, however, adaptability also represents a chance to deliver exactly what is most valuable to the users. Many time customers do not know what they want until they see some first release. By expressing their opinion, the agile team is able to create new, valuable features and make sure the software contains exactly what end users want to have included in the software. In this context, adaptability is a means of delivering customer value, which is the primary end goal of agile project management.

Of course, as a developer, being flexible and adapting all the time may not be easy. Ever-changing requirements may produce a feeling of frustration which can result in conflicts. That is a serious problem, and that’s why it is crucial for the project lead to find the right team members: right from the point of view of technical and personal traits. Failing to staff the project with the right team members can result in a failed product.


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